UCOM Compact Grinding System

UCOM Compact Grinding System

Grinding is one of the most frequent tasks in the processing industry, whether it is to obtain the largest possible surface for downstream reactions or a certain particle size to influence your application characteristics.

The success of a grinding process essentially depends on the feed stock. Therefore a product specific selection of the mill equipment is required.

The UCOM grinding system is based on the tried and true universal grinding series produced by our company.

Laid out for grinding sugar, the UCOM series is characterized by the following features:

  • State of the art technology conforming to the latest safety standards; complete explosion protection, designed for 10 bar pressure shock resistance in accordance with European Union Directive 2014/34
  • Dust-tight
  • Compact design
  • Minimal footprint
  • No peripheries such as explosion protection valves, fans and filter systems are required
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
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