Bauermeister Gap Mills

If a fineness of up to 99% < 40 µm is required, the Bauermeister Gap Mill is the perfect choice. For extrafine products the Gap Mill can be combined with a classifier to reach up to 99% < 25 µm. Depending on the mill size and required fineness an output of up to 4,500 kg/h can be reached.

Table 1: Sugar grinding capacities of different GM sizes

Particle size GM 40.1 (N) Ex GM 80.1 (N) Ex GM 120.1 (N) Ex
>95% < 30 µm 500 kg/h 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h
>95% < 50 µm 1000 kg/h 2000 kg/h 3000 kg/h
>95% < 90 µm 1500 kg/h 3000 kg/h 4500 kg/h



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